Time for the Family Despite All the Work

It is amazing to know that you are with your family all day long. As a wife with a husband and two kids, I really like spending time with my family. Ever since we chose this path to earn a living for the family, we have never regretted it. This is mainly because one of the reasons for making this decision is to be with the company of each other for as long as we want. Our relationship may have started from a dating site. But now, having our own business, we are really staying and being together from the day into the day out. I know that my husband is my first love and the business in our second love, but we should have a line separating work and family.


Knowing the quality time and work time

When couples choose to build a business together, it is almost always the same mindset. This was also the first thing that came into my husband’s mind when we started. Since we are together from morning till night, we never thought to do something else after work. We ate together in the morning. We had lunch together. And dinners are part of our routine. We also talked a lot, especially about the business. So, in a sense, it is quite easy to tell from the practical point of view that we are really spending time with each other.

But you have to determine a boundary between work and relationship. Being together at work is not the same as being together to talk about your relationship. Imagine if you are in the same office together and not having to go out to dinner or catch up on your favorite TV at night because, as you justified it, being together in the morning was enough. This is actually a decision that you both have to make. You have to save some quality time for each other.


Be flexible

A great point to make when you are in business together with the husband is that your schedules can be flexible. You can take a portion of your time in the morning for business, then take some for your spouse, and then some for your kids. It is just making sure that you keep some time for each of them. If your business can be managed like a routine, then you can have a schedule for the day. You can even write them on a wall in the house. Your kids and your husband will definitely enjoy looking at the schedule and look forward to spending time with you.

Minimize Time-Wasting Activities

If you still love playing console games and mobile games, better reduce your playing time especially on working days. The more you enjoy playing games in the digital world, the more you will make a shorter time in the real world with your family. Check out this site that offers bits of advice with webTrafficExperts. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. are also the main causes of the shrinking time with your family that you need to reduce. Family experts like MaxVisits always remind us the effects of social media on mental health by using too much of this platform, They suggested to Keeping your use down 30 minutes a day can lead to better mental health outcomes.