Defining Your Roles At Home and In the Business


Knowing your role in the home and in the business is one of the crucial aspects that you should always look into. It will be a lot of chaos to have if you, as a husband or a wife, do not know your responsibilities in the family. But a good thing when your business is in the vicinity of your family is that you do have the flexibility and a lot of allowance with each of the roles that you play both in your home and in your business. Here are some of the tips and techniques that we have used in recent years that have really help us to handle our roles as husband and wife in the marriage and in the business:

Do not get enclose yourselves by traditional roles

couple partnersAccording to a report in the Family Business Review, the roles of the husband and the wife tends to lean on traditional family and gender roles when they work together compared to two people who have separate employment. This is because only the environment changes but the people surrounding you are practically the same. If you are going to work as a team, you must be able to get yourselves past the traditional role and move on to doing what you can and what you have to for the business.

This is particularly relatable for husbands who do not want to do anything that a wife traditionally does. A wife’s second love is her children. Traditionally, it is the wife that spends time and talks to the kids. Since you are in business together, you must be able to adapt to situations and perform tasks that are traditionally assigned to the wife.

Determine the roles that are important for each of you

As a husband and wife, you already know where you are good at. You know your strengths and weaknesses as a couple. You also know your likes and dislikes. If you like budgeting and planning, you should choose to have that role. It is quite difficult to do this role if you are having difficulty performing it anyway. This is not a dating site wherein you can just do what you want. Have a list of your preferred roles and have an agreement about it. This is to ensure that there is no overlapping of roles both in the business and in marriage.